Curriculum vitae

Present positions
since 11/2023       Member of the Student Prize Committee, German Aphasiology Society (GAB) ( 2013-2019 member, 2019-2023 lead)
since 12/2022   Additional teaching allowance for the Philosophical Faculty, Heinrich-Heine University, Duesseldorf
since 11/2021       Member of the aphasia and apraxia of speech guideline commission on (registration number: 030 - 090)
since 07/2021       Adjunct Professor (Privatdozentin, PD), Heinrich-Heine University, Medical Faculty, Duesseldorf
since 06/2019       Lead in Speech, Language and Music Therapy, St Mauritius Rehabilitation Centre, Meerbusch
since 01/2015       Visiting Scientist, Clinical and Cognitive Neurosciences, Department of Neurology, Medical Faculty, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
since 01/2014       Editor-in-Chief of a German journal on Speech-language Therapy (Sprache, Stimme, Gehoer; SSG), since 2/2021 editor-in-chief of its column on video-based SLT examples


07/2021     Postdoctoral Lecture Qualification (Umhabilitation) in Cognitive Neuroscience and Medical Psychology, Medical Faculty, Heinrich-Heine University, Duesseldorf;

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCert HE), Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester, UK
02/2015 Approved as Clinical Linguist in Germany (Klinische Linguistin, BKL)
06/2012 Postdoctoral Lecture Qualification (Habilitation), Medical Faculty, RWTH Aachen University; Venia Legendi: Language Pathology (Patholinguistik); since 01/2013, additional
teaching allowance for the Philosophical Faculty
10/2007 PhD (Dr. phil.) in Neurolinguistics (summa cum laude), Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University
11/2001  M.A. (Magister) in German Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science (with distinction,  RWTH Aachen University)

Professional experience/ positions & roles
02/2020-09/2022 Lecturer, School for Speech-language Therapists, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
11/2019 -11/2023    Chair of the Student Prize Committee, German Aphasiology Society (GAB)
05/2019-04/2022     Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester, UK
11/2017-10/2021     Deputy Chair of the German Aphasiology Society (GAB) (Member of the Board of Advisers 2011-2017, 2021-2022) 
01/2015-04/2019 Clinical Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience of Speech and Language’, School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester, GB
10/2013-12/2014 Professor of Neuropsychology and Neurolinguistics, SRH University of Applied Sciencesin Health
09/2013-12/2014 Deputy Head of the Outpatient Language Clinic, Section Clinical and Cognitive Neurosciences, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
09/2012-12/2013 Co-Editor of a German journal for Speech and Language Therapy (SSG)

06/2012-06/2021     Adjunct Professor (Privatdozentin, PD) at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany

03/2012-02/2015 SLT supervisor of a German multicentre RCT, University Hospital Muenster
05/2010-12/2014 Research Associate, Principal Investigator, Division Neuropsychology, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
08/2006-04/2010 Research Associate, collaborative projects at RWTH Aachen (UKA) and Freiburg University
02-07/2006       Research Associate, University of Freiburg Neurocenter
02/2003-01/2006 PhD student at the Section Neurolinguistics, RWTH Aachen University (UKA), on a scholarship by the German National Merit Foundation 
3/2002-01/2003    Speech-language therapist (Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Hagen; Aphasia Ward at RWTH Aachen University, UKA)
01-02/2002               Research Assistant, Section Neurolinguistics, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
08-11/1999       Placement in Neurolinguistics, Section Neurolinguistics, RWTH Aachen University (UKA), followed by position as student assistant
04/1996-11/2001  Tutor (Student Assistant) in Political Science, Linguistics, and in Teaching and Research SLT, RWTH Aachen University

Visits abroad
02-03/2012       Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, University of Bergen (with Prof. Karsten Specht)
06/2008,02-05/2011   MACCS, Macquarie University in Sydney (with Prof. Lyndsey Nickels)
02/2005       MPI for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen (with Prof. Ardi Roelofs)
05-08/2003       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (with Prof. Gary Dell)

Awards and other achievements
08/2021     Approval of the collaborative BMBF project 'Translingo' (Applicant: Prof. Stefan Knecht, 1.5m EUR granted; Bruehl coordinator of the collaborative project as well as applicant and PI of a sub-project)
05/2017 Award to the FCET2EC study group by the German Society for Neuro-traumatology and Clinical Neurorehabilitation (DGNKN) for the Lancet paper
09/2016     Short-listed for the Sir Jules Thorn Award for Biomedical Research, for: Developing neurocognitive aphasia therapy: Establishing and applying neuroscience-based experimental medicine to post-stroke aphasia
11/2012 Research Award for Neurorehabilitation, Donnersmarck Foundation
11/2010 Young Investigators Award, CNS-Hannelore Kohl Foundation
06/2009 Borchers-Plakette, Freunde der Aachener Hochschule
01/2008 Admission to the Mentoring-Programme TANDEMplusMed, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
10/2004 Academy of Aphasia Award, 42. annual meeting in Chicago
11/2003 Student prize of the Gesellschaft für Aphasieforschung und -behandlung (GAB)
07/2002 Springorum-Denkmünze, Freunde der Aachener Hochschule

Awards and other promotions of supervised students
10/2021   Student prize of the GAB (category: doctoral thesis) for Lena Spitzer
04/2018   Doctoral Scholarship of the “Konrad Adenauer Stiftung” to Lea Plum

05/2016   Luise-Springer-Research Award to Lea Plum
11/2016   2. Poster Prize at the GAB for Spitzer, Binkofski, Willmes & Abel (2016)
11/2015   3. Poster Prize at the GAB for Plum, Nobis-Bosch, Krzok, Willmes & Abel (2015)
11/2014   1. Poster Prize at the GAB for Krzok, Nobis-Bosch, Willmes & Abel (2014)
10/2014   Doctoral Scholarship of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes” to Lena Spitzer
03/2014   Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australian Government, to Inga Hameister