German tests (protocol sheets) from the master thesis (German Magisterarbeit)
Abel, S. (2001). Lexikalische Störungen bei Aphasie: Ein Einzelfall im konnektionistischen Modell von G.S. Dell. [Lexical disorders in aphasia: A single case in the connectionist model of G.S. Dell]. Magisterarbeit, RWTH Aachen. (Free Download at Research gate, Link HIER)

Miscues in naming
Phoneme discrimination
Lexical decision
Cat picture (Dell network model)

Language-systematic aphasia screening (SAPS)
Automated analyses based on filled-in score sheets (in preparation)

Impairments of written language (dyslexia/-graphia) in aphasia after stroke and due to dementia
Overview on disorders of written language

Further materials in preparation for download