Clinical research projects

Doctoral candidates ((co-) supervision)
Lea Plum (RWTH Aachen, ongoing)
Chris Heath (University of Manchester, UoM; ongoing)
Nourah Alohali (UoM, ongoing)
Lena Spitzer (RWTH Aachen, completed)
Franziska Krzok (RWTH Aachen, ongoing)
Katherine Gore (UoM; second supervision 10/2017-04/2019, after successful application to MRC (details))
For Awards and other promotions to supervised students see here (at the bottom).

Ongoing cooperative projects in the following research areas:
  • TransLingo (BMBF-funded, since 1/9/2021)
  • Neuroscience-based aphasia therapy (NBAT)
  • Executive disorders and their treatment in aphasia
  • Language and music
  • Contribution to enterprises of European working groups
  • Contribution to clinical evaluation in external research projects 
Past projects

Please consider that these projects usually have been located/financially supported in Germany, so titles/topics are given as translations from German to English.