CFA-Screening and CFAT

 Diagnosis and therapy of cognitive flexibility in aphasia

Persons with aphasia can present with impairments in executive functions, over and above language deficits. This includes deficits in cognitive flexibility, the ability to update behaviour quickly and flexibly in a changing environment. These deficits have been neglected in aphasia diagnosis and therapy, even though their consideration may be beneficial for the persons affected.  The novel Cognitive Flexibility in Aphasia-Screening/CFA-Screening and the appended Cognitive Flexibility in Aphasia Therapy (CFAT) aim to close this scientific and clinical gap. The present project set out to evaluate whether aphasia therapy including cognitive flexibility led to more improvement than conventional aphasia therapy. Results showed that the novel approach allows the assessment and treatment of impaired cognitive flexibility and word finding in aphasia within a communicative setting.
The PhD project of Dr. Lena Spitzer was supported by the German National Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes).
Publications und cooperators:
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