Teaching positions
since 07/2021      Adjunct Professor (Priv-Doz.) in Cognitive Neuroscience and Medical Psychology, Heinrich-Heine University, Medical Faculty, Duesseldorf
since 02/2020      Lecturer,  School for Speech-language Therapists, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
01/2015-04/2019 Clinical Senior Lecturer, Bachelor Speech and Language Therapy (SLT), University of Manchester
10/2013-12/2014 Professor in the Speech-language Therapy programme, SRH University of Applied Science in Health
10/2010-06/2021 Lecturer/Adjunct professor (Privatdozentin), Bachelor/Master Speech-language Therapy, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
2004-2010     Lecturer in the Section Neurolinguistics, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
2003-2005     Lecturer, School for Speech-language Therapists, RWTH Aachen University (UKA)
1996-2001     Tutor/student assistant, RWTH Aachen University: Speech-language Therapy, German Linguistics, Political Science

Teaching projects
Application of computer-based learning in the course „Current research outcomes on dysarthria“
Innovative Teaching project, supported by the Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen (UKA) (Abel, ILP-11-1-4, 07/2011-07/2012). Publication: de Sunda, A., Binkofski, F., Kröger, B., Aretz, P., & Abel, S. (2014). E-Learning in der logopädischen Ausbildung. Therapie lernen: Zeitschrift für Lehrende und Lernende. 3(3), 24-30. (HERE)
The integration of new media into the course „Standards and guidelines in speech-language therapy“
Innovative teaching project, supported by the Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen (UKA) (Abel, ILP-10-2-4, 08/2010- 03/2011).

Previous courses
RWTH Aachen University (839 teaching units plus tutorials, 34 supervised BSc/MSc & 3 PhD theses), Speech-language therapy
·         Primary-progressive aphasia
·         Methods in Speech-language Therapy
·         Guidelines and standards of Speech-language Therapy
·         Neural foundations of intact and impaired language processing
·         Cognitive models of aphasia
·         Evidence-based placement: Supervison of placement 
·         Current issues in Speech-language Therapy
·         Colloquium on disorders of communication and cognition
·         Model-oriented language analysis  
·         Neurolinguistics/Neuropsychology: Areas of application
·         Introduction to Speech-language Therapy
·         Models of sentence processing
·         Neurology (School)
·         Semantics (School)
·         Learning and memory (School)
·        Developmental psychology (School)

University of Manchester (245 teaching units, 2 supervised PhD theses), Speech and Language Therapy 
·         Acquired Language and Communication Disorders
·         Acquired Communication and Swallowing Disorders
·         Advanced Study Option
·         Clinical Practice (case presentations)
·         Statistics (marking/moderation)
·         Multiple Mini Interviews (admission)
·         Contribution to the module Clinical & Behavioural Neuroscience
·         Contribution to Master programme, Neuroimaging for Clinical & Behavioural Neuroscience NCCN

SRH University of Applied Science in Health, Speech-language Therapy, 376 teaching units at Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Duesseldorf, Bonn
·         Written language impairments
·         Neuropsychology
·         Scientific methods II
·         Neurogene disorders of speech and language
·         Evidence-based practice
·         Gerontopsychiatry

Please consider that courses  at RWTH Aachen University and SRH have been located/financially supported in Germany, so titles/topics are given as translations from German to English.